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We’ll guide you trough our secure platform, in order for you to be able to search for all your tickets (transcripts), view all their details, download them and get the most out of it.


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How to search for a Ticket

1. Go to Tickets

Once you have logged in to your portal, please go to your tickets by clicking on the “Ticket” header.


2. General Ticket List View

You will now be redirected to your tickets List View. Each Ticket has information like ID, Name, Status, etc.

Please click the title “Transcript Name” in order to sort the tickets by its name.

If the arrow on the right side of the title faces down, Trancript Names will be sorted descending and viceversa.


3. Search for tickets alphabetically

On your Dashboard you will find an alphabet on top of your Ticket List View. Click on the initial letter of the title for the ticket that you wish to see.

(e.g  If you are looking for the ticket “Climate Change Impacts in the United States” click on the letter “C”.)


3. Search by Folder

If you previously saved your Ticket on a Folder, please click “Folder” on the header section of your Dashboard.


Click on the Folder you saved the Ticket you are looking for.


On your Folder List View click on “Download Transcript” in order to download your transcription, if you wish to dowload all completed tickets for this folder, simply do it by clicking the button “Download All Transcripts in Folder”.


Congratulations you are now able to look for all your tickets!

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us at (480) 922-1105.